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Kevin Hamel

"You have to move." = this one's on you baby. No question...


That's what James Brown always said.

Account Deleted

While I understand the impulse, I've known you for more than 20 years, and the phrase "I was afraid to speak up" barely fits on the same planet, let alone in a restaurant with you. And as you said, Lisa's a pro, and you've been around. Taking the low road just because someone else does has never been your style. I don't buy it, so what was really going on?

The appropriate responses in order would have been - "This wine has gone flat and is bad, I'd like another glass from a new bottle, or something else." "If you needed the spaces you should have told us when we sat down, we're not moving." and "I'd like to speak to a manager, now." Babbo has never been known for its service, it's always been a churn them in-turn them out experience, and I imagine you knew that before you set foot in the place, but assuming the description of events is accurate, that's off even for them.


Hi Dan, There was room for us at the beginning. We didn't need service, just a drink. That seemed doable upon entry. Some battles just aren't worth it. The woman was pitting her knowledge against mine, she was right. I was wrong. It took a long time to get any attention in the first place. No one was giving eye contact and anyway, there was no time to drink the wine so why bother? Literally after being poured we were asked to vacate. Lisa and I had little time to actually visit, so we wanted to make the most of what we had left.

Kevin Hamel

You may be rich, child
You may be poor
But when the Lord gets ready
You gotta move
More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rolling+stones/#share


I'm with Kevin - let the cockeyed cockblocking bartender figure it out. That place gives me the creeps


I'm with you guys too!


Seems like a victimless crime. If they don't care about you, the consumer, why should you care about them? If you had refused to pay verbally, they would probably have been OK with that anyway.


Careful if you ever try to go to Eataly, they probably have your picture up on some official bulletin board.

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