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Bingo! Plain old wine. Or maybe better, unadorned?


I don't know, I like plain, as in Jane. More straightforward

Kevin Hamel

It's funny. I do like "plain" potato chips but will also go for bar-be-que, or jalapeño, or some other flavored version from time to time. But I pretty much always like my wine "plain"; unless we're talking about vermouth, or Port, or Sherry, or Champagne, or the various vin doux naturels (okay, I'll let the unintended pun stand), or Barolo Chinato, or... oh, fuck it!


How is the champagne you like not plain? Or the sherry not plain? But I do love smoked Chipotle Tabasco and vinegar & salt potato chips too, but that's why I like the word, it doesn't piss people off like, damn if they like natural wine does that mean I like unnatural?

But, point well taken.

Kevin Hamel

Well, you know, adding sugar and yeast to the Champagne, brandy to the sherry...

Kevin Hamel

I am gently yanking your chain, Alice!


I got that!

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Simply as wine, 'plain'...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbFD0xQtjS4
And also another song 'normal', 'simply' or plain may be Redemption Song of Bob Marley.
Yes Alice whenever or whatever without sulfites(music too), but no, better... natural wine.

Account Deleted

I just saw a box labeled simply "Organic Oatmeal and Flaxseed" at Whole Foods, which turned out to have 12g of added sugar per serving! That's three times the sugar most of the flavored oatmeal had. Oh, did I say sugar? I meant "organic cane juice." Is that what they use to chaptalize organic wine?


as much as I want to stop thinking about _natural_ and what it means, I cannot, Alice! There's something so utterly Pasolinian about the boy and his pimples and the chips... I love it and I love what you've done here. I also love that it happened in the Lyon train station (for all the reasons you know and the gig that NN+ played in Lyon a few years ago).

But it also made me think of something else: the word _nature_ and _natural_ have slightly and subtly different meanings in Romance languages. Aaaaa... I feel a post coming...

Great post...


Dr. J, as soon as I saw Pasolini, I knew it had to be you...

Vinos Ambiz

What's in a name? Well apparently, a lot! It's all in the semantics and the nuances and connotations. 'Plain' as you say is a perfect descriptor, BUT .. it has negative connotations and so I imagine that a lot of natural wine drinkers and makers won't like it or use it. Similarly, 'natural' has positive connotation, which is why conventional wine drinkers and makers don't like it, ie because the implication is that conventional wines are UN-natural and somehow worse, not as good as, inferior to 'natural' wine.
I went through a phase a while back of being fustrated/angry/etc at the futility of this debate, but I'm contnet now, as I've realized that there IS no right answer! It's the journey, not the desination. As we endlessly talk about this issue we can discover and learn new aspects of the question, become more knowledagble and informed, and enjoy our wines even more :)

A Facebook User

I like the label "plain" for my wine just fine. I make plain wine. That is a better translation of "vin nature." Hey, sometimes you feel like a nut...


Me. Too.

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