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You could say the exact same thing about most of the supposed Organic, Vegetarian, and Vegan restaurants out there, even here in NYC. They think they have natural wines, they just don't understand the difference. Even the vegan restaurants think their wines are all vegan, and they're not even all organic! (Almost all natural wines, being unfined and unfiltered, are vegan) And the customers, for the most part, don't care either, in my experience.


But some customers do care, I saw many of them on Sunday.


(This in from a Reader in Kentucky)

I read your blog regarding the WF Austin experience. Distributors definitely hold the cards. Since I read your first book, I've asked my local wine shop to try to get different wines and despite their efforts, all I can really still get is Eyrie and Montinore. Good stuff, but not enough stuff. If their distributors won't stock it, it's tough to change the paradigm.

I have close friends who are totally into natural foods, have their own chickens, grow herbs, buy only local farmers market produce, and prior to your books, hadn't thought of any contradiction with drinking Bogle (I wanted to say Yellow Tail, but I don't think they were ever at that level.)

I read a very sad thing on another blog (sorry). If consumers don't ask for natural wines, some of the grape varieties themselves will actually cease to exist. That strikes a hard chord.

Bob W. (Cave City, Kentucky)

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