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I had a slightly different but in some sense analogous experience. I never had the pleasure of meeting Joe Mesics. He had reached out to me just before he died and wanted to show me some of his writing. I was too busy/distracted and never got back to him. I didn't read his stuff until after he had passed, but then knew that I had missed a great opportunity, and that likely he and I would have hit it off. (As I'm sure you would have with him.) Not sure if he was a lamed vov or not, but one never knows.


Thanks for your comment, Randall. The whole book, including the publishers note as well as Bo Simons intro as well as the whole package, the Jamie Shulander illustrations, well worth it. Made me want my next publisher to be Cameron. But that aside, I hope more Joe stories come out here. I would have loved to have witnessed a meeting between you two. That would have been impressive!

Kevin Hamel

You know Alice, when I sent you the book, I just thought you would be interested in peeking a little longer through that crack that was your brief encounter with Joe. Reading your review reminds me that a conversation that should have happened was derailed by an honest answer (as you know, I fully embrace the "When you get work, take it" ethic) to a casual question. And yes, I think you two would have liked each other, though rows would doubtless have been involved.


Hello Kevin, Yes, many a conversation has been stopped by an honest answer. I think we would have liked each other too. You know better than I what the real fights would have been about.

Bo Simons

Joe Mesics was my friend. I cried when he died. I badgered him into coming to that wine library event that he walked out on.

Joe gave good weight. He is one of the honored dead in my prayers each morning. Given that, I think he got a kick out of you, Alice. Both your presumption and your discourtesy provoked him. Joe's favorite authors were Lawrence Sterne and Thomas Mann. He also really liked a novelist who captured aerial combat in Korea, whose name escapes me. At his funeral, a guy from Dartmouth, who had been on the football team with him, in 1951 or so, talked about after game escapades in the New Hapshire and getting braced by loggers. Joe, according to his teammate, flattened the foreman of these local yokel tough guys and faced the rest of them down with grin. He was the real deal. My jury's still out on you, but you seem to have the right moves.


Thank you for showing up, Bo. Your forward to the book was lovely and insightful. For those who would like to read it, please follow the link to......

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