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Hopefully anyone choosing a wine list is making it based on their own tastes and preferences, providing reasons for those choices. While the wine experts are wonderful, each section of the wine list must have something for all discerning tastes.


OK, Alice, that was one of the best blog posts you have ever done. Period.


Thank you, Alfonso, you're super sweet to say that.


Hello Tales, if only it were true. Many lists are driven by a wine's perceived popularity and how much $ can be made off of a selection --instead of viewing the list as an asset to the resto. In PP's case, her list has made Rouge Tomate a destination where before it would have been merely about the food. Smart choice to finally give her free reign.

amy cleary

Lovely post Alice.


Thank you for the introduction to these wine women. I did not know the first three (but I will, based on your intro). However, I am delighted to endorse Juliette Pope as one of the outstanding and unassuming mavens of fine wine and food. She has never failed to provide great selections and insights, and she does so with grace and lack of pretension. I am indebted to her good taste for a number of outstanding and unusual wines and wine sources.


Four of the best sommeliers in the U.S. Why HASN'T Juliette Pope been nominated for a JB award? Great question (but we know the answer, unfortunately). Excellent post! Let's hear it for the women.


Levi Dalton would have been a better sommelier as a woman. I am sure of it.


Thank you for introducing us to these remarkable ladies.


Great blog. I'm so happy you wrote about this. It seems like right now women are doing the most interesting things in the wine business in NY. Whether it's Pascaline, Laura, Lee and Juliette (a true pioneer) as sommelieres, Camille Riviere and Mary Taylor as importers. My favorite wine saleswomen are women. They bring a passion and point of view that is too often missing with men. Most male wine professionals seem to be always playing at "who's got the biggest one".


Jean-Luc, thanks so much for this comment. Reminds me when I tried to sell wine in the early 90s. I had no idea how to make a sale. My customers loved me, but they didn't buy from me and I had no idea how to crash through the stronghold on certain lists. Maybe if I stop writing, there's room for me back on the street?


Wonderful post! Saved for my next trip to NYC ...


Alice, and everyone else,
Indeed; I'd have to say I often enjoy working and tasting with women more! I am however surprised that no one has brought up female retailers . . So I'll start:
67 wine's own Melissa Sutherland,
Whole Foods Melanie Mann,
Chamber Street's Sophie Barret (who I don't know)
and Despana's Veronica Stoler
as a quick list of revolutionary retailers who are currently working in NY. Anyone got any others?
Check the work these amazing ladies are doing!

Arthur Barton

a) I agree, and that goes for women winemakers too. I met Merry Edwards and Zelma Long back in my youth, and they always have made some of the best around. Better palates I think. b) on wine servers, I have no clue where to get quality wine by the glass by servers who actually care, at a fair price, in San Francisco, my home. Any ideas for us? FYI, we sure could use you in San Francisco/Sonoma/Napa. Our wine press is for sale to the highest bidder, has no heart, and it shows, every week in the SF Chronicle, etc. They play no journalistic role, only a marketing one.

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