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Amy Collins

Really love this one. I can't imagine ever giving up writing, in fact I always felt a writer never retires, never stops writing until death demands it. I've been wondering if there isn't something else going on with Roth. What if he's failing mentally? Wouldn't that be much like what he's written about for so many years - the last twenty at least - failing as a man?


Damn, Alice.

This is a good one. Lots to chew on here. Baggage. Expectations.



Hi Amy, Thanks for writing. Oh, there's that word. I imagine if I wanted to live life, take time to go to museums, take lunch, take a walk, see how other people do it, and if I had that much success and was forced to look back and accept it--and the clock was ticking--well, perhaps I'd give it up. But what do you do when you wake up? It would be terribly difficult to find the purpose in it all.

Amy Collins

Yes, it would.

Kevin Hamel

I like this, Alice...

Fabio (Vinos Ambiz)

Alice, thanks for the huge compliment of mentioning my wine in connection with a subject that means so much to you. It took me a while to understand what the post was actually about, as I’ve never read any Roth, and in fact my ignorance of American literature is so vast that I used to think that he was a Bolshevik comrade of Trotsky!! Anyway, I hope the Airén cheers you up! Uncork it now I say :)

There was a wine-lover in New York
Who always had trouble with the cork,
She’d push and she’d pull
But never get the rule
That it was really a question of torque.

Brigitte Armenier

Too late for Kundry Alice, this modern Fisher King will turn 80 tomorrow. But what a fine example here of Roth's maestria "to turn himself inside out"! His play of sounds leads us from physical space into the counter-space of light.
Anyway, like a healed Fisher King, isn't he now writing with an 8-year-old little girl?


Philip Roth shares with Web of Stories details of his life and work on his 80th birthday. Listen to the great author on Web of Stories at http://www.webofstories.com/play/55131?o=MS

Heather Greene

This is a wonderful post, Alice. The first of yours that I have read, actually. I will be back for more. Thank you.

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