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Hi Alice. I'm cross-posting this from Roberg's blog.

I had my local store order me a bottle of Domaine Netofa, and we had it Friday night. I liked its mild, slightly astringent feel. Shabbos morning we had a Gilgal Merlot, and it suffered greatly by comparison. It’s a heavy, unsubtle wine, and was like drinking syrup. It was rough going, but maybe it was the cholent. I hope so, b/c that’s my seder wine. [We'll knock off about a case between the two sedarim, and I got a good deal on the Gilgal.]

I’ve also taken delivery of a case of Aziza’s. I’m looking forward to it on Yom Tov.


I mean Robert.


hi D, I was just going to write there as well. Let me know what you think about Aziza, (chard more to my likeing) but you'll also get the 'additive' free winemaking idea and the fact that it has no sulfur, you'll feel that too. Glad you found it. by the way, I realize some amazing (!) champagnes are made kosher. Next year I'll have to find them. Guy Larmandier and Godmé are two of them.


The Aziza's was super. A slight fizz when it came out of the bottle, and it drinks so easily. Light, a bit of a tang. Really enjoyable. I don't think I ever liked a wine so much.


Hey D , thank you so much and chag samaech. That wine was made with a lot of love and care and was named after my grandmother aziza HArkham , who used to make natural wine for my family for pesach when they moved to Zichron Yacov in Israel in 1952 where they lived in temporary housing and had no electricity or running water.

When you don"t add sulfur you get amazing true fruity flavours and long finishes,
Alice your an inspiration , keep up the great work. Best regards Richard Harkham


Hey Richard, good to hear from you. We were actually in email contact before Pesach. (I'm Zev.) You put me in touch with Ronnie Sanders, who hooked me up with Charlie Beatty at Wineworks. I don't really have the language to explain what I like about a wine, but in the case of the Aziza's I'll just say that it's fresh and refreshing, with none of the heaviness you sometimes get with other wines. If I ever make it to Australia, which is doubtful, I'll look you up. Lots of luck!


Thanks for writing in, you both! Rich, I'm working on Australia next Feb. We'll see if I make it down.

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