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Sounds so lovely. I have a Vietti 07 Barbaresco that I've fallen in love with, and the first thing that came to mind upon smelling is was violets. It's.. seductive. (Oh, and the Aviation is one of my favorite cocktails!)



Holy Mother-of-G_d-Wow!


Alfonso, what did I do?


Inotherwords, I liked the post


Ah! Thank you!

Brigitte Armenier

L'odore paradisiaco di violetta… little and simple and humble, this natural rebel spells the mercurial travels which tell the mineral smells. Either named Violet or Alice, it's a pastoral tale :)

Neyah Margolis

I read with great interest about the scent of violets. My yard is dotted with them, so after your article I've been breathing the burgeoning scents of spring and trying again and again to smell that ephemeral perfumed wisp of a violet. And I think I might be catching it but I'm not sure: right now everything's abloom in Vermont, the apple blossoms, lilacs, grape hyacinths, dandelions and daisies, so when I pick a violet its scent is inevitably tangled up with the scent of blossoms, but if I hold it right under my nose and the air is still, I think I smell a fleeting trace of something like lilacs, but much lighter, more soft, not as forthright, more a whisper. Quite lovely, and even if I don't smell it, I'm still enjoying the hunt for the scent of violets. So thank you. We're looking forward to your visit in Vermont.


Hello Neyah,

So many violets in America don't have an aroma, so it's very possible yours are scent-free. Looking forward to being north!


When I first smelled the Clos Roche Blanche Cot, I was overwhelmed by its violet juice sucked through a chalk straw magnetism. I love your this line its prove that your are a true lover of good smeell

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