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I'd don't see most of the memos either! It was great to have you there and thanks for the lovely comments.

Georgios Hadjistylianou

You are both in your own way AMAZING.

Efharisto (thank you) and Mrs Corison keep the Cab Chavenism & Alicee Keep tasting and writing.......
Corison was my favorite Cab in the Monkey Bar days back in the late 90's
Thank you ladies!!!

conor H

On the topic of pH…

I wouldn't ever make a white wine over 3.2, and I would never make a red wine over 3.6/3.65. High pH just ruins mouthfeel, IMO. Here on Long Island, we often encounter the problem of high pH AND high TA off the vineyard, so, without correction, we can experience whites that taste like lemon water, and red wines with too high of pH.

And hey, while we're at it….free so2 is more effective at lower pH, so, yay for low pH!

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